I'm just about to graduate from university and embark on a new life in which I'll be a stay-at-home-wife and romance novelist. I don't have any writing contracts, and although I've been doing laundry for my husband and I since we married in July 2012, this is my first experience of being a full-time housewife. I realise that what I'm doing is entirely unconventional. I have very few married friends my age, and most of them are doing graduate degrees or starting full-time jobs. I'm not becoming a housewife because it's something I think I should do, or because it's what I believe all married women should do. But it's what I believe is best for me and my family. I'm excited that I have the chance to pursue my writing without squeezing it in between essays or commuting. And I'm blessed to have a husband who supports me--both emotionally and financially. 

I'd love to keep my friends and family updated on what's going on our lives after graduation, even if it simply means cataloguing my thoughts on our new adventure. I'm sure in time I'll learn to use my ancient camera and let you see what our new home in Edinburgh looks like, and eventually any little Brands that come along. I have a feeling that a lot of our friends have a zillion questions they want to ask about why I'd voluntarily become a housewife or why on earth I want to write romance novels, but they're just far too polite to voice these questions out loud. Hopefully this blog will provide answers aplenty.

And if I don't answer your question, please feel free to get in touch: 

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  1. So lovely to discover your blog, Rachel :) Love how family is so important to you. It is to me as well. Best and warmest wishes to you.