Monday, 28 April 2014

Recent Meals #4

I had originally planned to include a couple of other recipes here, but I realised that we actually deviate so much from the original recipes that we might as well write our own for you. So keep your eyes peeled for some semi-original recipes on the blog in the next week or so!

Baked Camembert Pasta
Source: This one comes from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food cookbook, but you can also find it here.
Who Cooked It: Rachel
What We Changed: We used more garlic and spinach and less parmesan (well, technically grana padano), and spirali rather than rigatoni. Basically, adapt it to your taste! 
What We Omitted: Nothing
How Easy Is It? Super easy. Stick the cheese in the oven, boil the pasta, drain it and then add the spinach, then pour the cheese on top. I don't think it's possible to mess this up!
Verdict: This isn't one we do a lot as it isn't exactly the healthiest, but we both really like it. It's one of those quick meals that looks and tastes a lot fancier than it actually is. 

Bean, Corn & Tortilla Salad
Source: Martha Stewart
Who Cooked It: Rachel prepared most of the ingredients, and Simon helped assemble
What We Changed: We have to use dried pinto beans that we cook in the slow cooker, since you can't get tinned pinto beans in many supermarkets here. We used tinned rather than frozen sweetcorn (more flavour), little gem rather than romaine lettuce (cheaper), and extra mature cheddar rather than pepper jack. We also made our own salsa. 
What We Omitted: Nothing
How Easy Is It? This recipe involves a fair bit of chopping, but not a lot of "real cooking", so it's relatively easy. 
Verdict: This is one of our favourites, and Simon often requests it. It's got a great mixture of flavour and textures, and is pretty filling. Simon likes his covered in Sriracha hot sauce.

Chicken Enchiladas with Tomatillo Chili Salsa & Saffron Black Bean Rice
Source: The Food Network
Who Cooked It: Rachel made most of it, although Simon assisted with the rice.
What We Changed: Since our tomatillos came out of a can, we didn't roast them. Instead of fresh jalapenos we threw in some bird's eye chillies and some chopped, jarred jalapenos. We cooked the chicken ourselves, and used less as we were just feeding the two of us. We used extra mature cheddar instead of monterery jack. I cooked the black beans in the slow cooker with just a bay leaf, as that's what I usually do, and we used saffron instead of turmeric in the rice because, hey, we own saffron! We decided to mix the beans in with the rice. 
What We Omitted: We opted not to serve this with guacamole as we had plenty of other toppings.
How Easy Is It? This recipe is relatively time consuming--especially if you make the side dishes--and involves some multi-tasking, so it's definitely not a beginner's recipe. 
Verdict: This probably isn't going to be one of our favourite enchilada recipes, but we did really like it. It was the first time either of us had eaten a salsa verde-style sauce and we both really enjoyed it. Definitely one to make again even if it takes a while to prepare.

Sweetcorn & Spring Onion Waffles
Source: The Sugar Hit
Who Cooked It: Rachel
What We Changed: We used tinned sweetcorn rather than an ear of corn as it was cheaper, and added some tomatoes and lime juice to serve as we had them on hand.
What We Omitted: We technically skipped the pico de gallo, even if we did top these with tomatoes.
How Easy Is It? As long as you get up early enough to let the mixture rise for an hour, this is pretty easy! I'm always cautious about using yeast as I mucked up my first recipe involving yeast, but we didn't have any trouble with this one. 
Verdict: I'm always on the look out for savoury breakfast recipes, since Simon doesn't have much of a sweet-tooth. Whenever I prepare our Saturday breakfasts I usually make pancakes or waffles, and Simon typically goes for something involving eggs, so this combines our two styles! We both really liked this one, and we'll probably be making it again. 

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