Friday, 22 August 2014

Quinn Elijah Brand

Quinn Elijah Brand was born at 1:37am on Monday the 4th of August, weighing 7lbs and 4oz. Here are just a few photographs from his first day with us.

And one last bump photo, taken at 40 weeks & 1 day. Contrary to what everyone said, my bump did not suddenly get huge in the last few fact, it was still measuring 35cms when we went to the hospital to be induced. But in spite of all the worries about Quinn being too small or not developing properly, he has been perfectly healthy and happy.

Although he is extremely cute, Quinn doesn't allow his mummy much time on the computer, so further updates on our labour and Quinn's first few weeks may be a little delayed. But we promise we are taking plenty of photographs!


  1. What a cutie Rachel!!!! You both look so happy as new parents!

  2. Absolutely adorable. Enjoy him and keep us updated on his progress as you can. You've now entered the "super busy" lifestyle:).

  3. He's a beauty. My congratulations to you and your husband, Rachel. Children are a blessing from the Lord.

  4. What a gorgeous boy, Rachel - congratulations to you both xo