Tuesday, 4 February 2014

14 Weeks

I wish I could have one of those cool mommy blogs where I write about all the outfits I've been sewing for our baby and show you all the all-natural, organic goodies I've been baking. But given how sick I've been the last month or so, that isn't going to happen. I even broke down last week in Tesco and bought muffins because I didn't feel up to baking anything, which is really unusual for me. But since I've seen this on other people's blogs and it seemed cute, here are some facts about our pregnancy so far:

How far along? 14 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: My weight has been fluctuating a lot due to morning sickness, and I got a bit worried last week as I seemed to have lost half a stone (I've no idea where, as I'm growing out of all my clothes!), but I've put a little bit back on. Right now I'm about 4lbs less than I was at week 9 when I saw my midwife.
Maternity clothes? I'm definitely getting close! I've been wearing dresses all week as I don't feel comfortable with anything tight over my bump, and even those are feeling too tight. We're going shopping on Saturday and I think I'll definitely be in need of new clothes by then, even if they're just larger dresses.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Getting better. I'm not waking up as much during the night (unless the neighbour's dog is really acting up) but Simon has been stealing the duvet a lot recently, which hasn't helped! I'm having really bizarre dreams several times a week, which has been going on for a while.
Best moment this week: Getting out of the first trimester! Our due date was wrongly calculate twice, so towards the end we felt like we'd been struck in the first trimester forever. Given our new due date, I think we realised we were pregnant at 3 weeks, which is crazy early, so no wonder the first third of our pregnancy felt like it was going on for ages.
Movement: Not yet
Cravings: I was craving fish and chips for a couple of weeks, but I think that may be linked to the fish and chip shop less than a minute's walk from our house! We satisfied that craving last week, and I don't think I've been craving anything else since then.
Gender guesses: I switch between genders every day, it seems. Right now I'm thinking it's a girl. I keep asking Simon what he thinks the baby is, and most of the time he doesn't have an opinion--although on Sunday he said he thought it was a boy.
Labor Signs: Fortunately not!
Belly Button in or out? Definitely still in.
What I miss: We've been watching Twin Peaks and one of the characters was raving about a brie sandwich in a recent episode. Although I can eat brie when it's cooked, it did make me wish I could just eat fresh brie. Also, I bought a ridiculously impractical top in a charity shop back in early November, which Simon and I have dubbed my "busty gothic pirate top". It was incredibly tight when I bought it, and I kept meaning to wear it one more time before I got too big, but I never got around to it. Looking at my stomach, there's no way I can squeeze into it now. Oh, and belts! I used to wear a lot of belts around my waist, and even if I stretch them out, it still feels really uncomfortable.
What I am looking forward to: Shopping on Saturday! My mum is taking us to various baby shops (Mothercare, Babies R Us and an independent shop near their home) and I'm probably going to have a peek in the maternity sections of some clothes shops as well. We're mainly looking at Moses baskets right now, as my parents are buying us one as a gift. Simon hasn't been into any baby shops yet, so it'll be lots of fun!
Weekly Wisdom: It is totally acceptable to throw some cute baby bibs into your trolley when you're grocery shopping in Tesco, especially when they're 5 for £3 ;)
Milestones: We're into the second trimester, and I had my second appointment with my midwife this week! Honestly, it wasn't terribly exciting, but I'm glad it was a quick, easy appointment as that means everything's going fine. All of our test results came back as expected--there's nothing wrong with me or the baby (not even anything tiny like an iron deficiency!), and apparently I'm immune to Rubella, so I suppose that was worth seven vials of blood to find out?! My stomach is measuring perfectly for our expected due date, so it seems we finally got it right!

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